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In today’s workspaces, many businesses are looking for ways to create different zones in open plan areas without building permanent walls.

Grid 40 solves this problem, with its multi-purpose design offering the solution to a host of workspace needs all in one system.

Divide an open plan space while not blocking all light or visibility.


Create beautiful display spaces.

Incorporate live or artificial plants.


Provide practical storage.

Incorporate TV screens for displays or team mettings.


Incorporate coat rails.



Base Storage modules 800L.
Has hinged doors and an adjustable shelf inside. The top is set at 720mm off the floor to match the height of most standard desks or tables, if using as a workstation spine system or with a TV screen as a meeting space.


Mid open storage module 800L.
Perfect for display or use as an open bookshelf. It can be set at any height between any 2 of the top tiers.





Planter module 800L.
The planter module includes an optional waterproof liner and mulch trays in galvanised finish to suit 200mm diameter pots. It is suitable for live or artificial plants.


Individual Shelf 800L.
Individual shelves are ideal for display purposes and give an open appearance.





TV Module 1200L.
The TV Module provides a 3 door storage unit at the base with an open space above suitable for up to a 50” TV screen. On the back there are 2 shallow shelves for display. It comes complete with an adjustable TV mounting bracket.


Whiteboard Module 800L.
The Whiteboard module features a standard 2 door unit below 720H, and a HPL Writable double sided whiteboard above.





Paper Slot module 800L.
Provides 6 x A4 Paper slots. Ideal for use in a zone divider to block off a photocopy area.


The Coat Rail can be fixed under an 800L single shelf. Requires at least 2 tiers of empty space underneath to create space for the coats.