Health & Safety

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy Accent Group NZ Limited (Accent) considers the health and safety of all its workers (employees, contractors, volunteers), clients and authorised visitors to its premises, to be of utmost importance.

As such, Accent will maintain a Health and Safety Management System which complies with legislation and promotes best management practices described within AS/NZS 4801:2001.

Establishment of this management system is evidence of Accent commitment to:

• Comply with all applicable Occupational Health and Safety regulations, standards, industry best practices and guidelines

• Provide safe working conditions

• Ensure appropriate controls for hazards are established

• Ensure that Health and Safety considerations receive appropriate priority in design, operation, and maintenance of all Accent owned (or leased) property and equipment.

• Ensure all persons receive appropriate training to gain a proper understanding of all applicable Health and Safety practices Accent procedures and regulatory requirements.

• Strive for continuous improvement in the area of Health and Safety performance by monitoring operations and through regular measurement and review of its targets, objectives, policies, procedures and processes.

Safety Responsibility

• The Managing Director of Accent is accountable for ensuring this policy is implemented, reviewed regularly, and updated as required.

• All workers are responsible for the communication and demonstration of a safety-first culture, in accordance with this policy and its overriding objectives.

They are accountable for the protection and actions of personnel under their authority and will always reinforce safe work behaviours.

• All workers engaged in activities under Accent control are responsible for stopping and reporting unsafe acts and conditions, and for adhering to Accent policies and procedures.

Review Date 1st April 2024

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