Mascot Lockers

In todays office spaces, lockers are being used more and more often in open plan areas to provide personal storage near to the users desking. This means lockers need to be vibrant, attractive and serve multiple purposes. Gone are the utilitarian designs of the past.

Mascot lockers are an excellent way to bring your existing office space to life. They can be finished in either melamine or veneer, are highly customisable and look amazing.

  • 01


    Hardwearing Melteca lockers that wont dent or scratch.

  • 02

    Clutter Free Workspace

    Lockers reduce the need for desk based storage.

  • 03

    Create Zones

    Can be used as visual and traffic barriers between groups and departments in open plan offices.

  • 04

    Make a Statement

    Choose colours to match your corporate ID or office vibe.

Standard Locker Options

Features & Upgrades

Accent offer a variety of upgrades to our Mascot Locker range.

Locks are available as standard keyed or upgrade to a Digital locking system. Keyed Locking units have a Lehmann key locking system with 2 keys.

Digital Locking Advantages:

  • Flush Recess mounted, minimal protrusion from door
  • 5 year battery life
  • Powered key override, if anything ever does fail your locker is never stuck closed
  • Can be programmed to Private or Public mode using complimentary Programming key

Add a Mail Slot, numbers or a card frame. Lockers can be numbered using either vinyl or plastic.

Stock Finishes

  • Classic Oak Naturale

    Classic Oak Naturale

  • Refined Oak Naturale

    Refined Oak Naturale

  • Snow Velvet

    Snow Velvet

  • Silver Strata Naturale

    Silver Strata Naturale

Certified 'BUY NZ MADE'

Mascot Lockers are just one of a wide range of our products that are certified ‘Buy NZ
Made’. By designing, sourcing and manufacturing products in New Zealand we can:

  • Eliminate stockouts
  • Reliably offer fast and flexible delivery timeframes
  • Customize products to suit the unique needs of your customers
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • And keep great Kiwis employed!

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